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Cakes have long been the delicacy of choice to mark joyous occasions in a person’s life. Be it birthdays, welcome parties or even weddings, these occasions seldom feel complete without a beautiful and delicious cake to top things off. This fact is especially true, where bakeries carrying savory, freshly-baked pastries exist on every street corner. As such, it is only natural that such a symbolic gift of celebration and affection be wrapped in a package of equal significance.

Choosing the right packaging to go with your cake can go a long way to enhance the experience for the person receiving the cake. The ideal cake box should be able to build excitement for the cake with its appealing designs while being able to protect the fragile pastries inside for transport.

At Xin Pack Solution, we recognize how every little detail is important when it comes to the special occasions in your life. Our varied line of cake packaging products isn’t just designed to be pleasing to the eye, but also to protect your special cakes as well. Offered in both plastic and paper varieties, our bakery packaging products come in all shapes and sizes fit for pastries of all kinds, complete with a base and lid for extra protection.

We carry a wide range of cake box, with or without windows, wedding cake boxes, cupcake boxes, cardboard quick pack trays and corrugated boxes in many sizes and styles together with a range of paper cases including tulip muffin cases, cupcake cases and fresh cream cases. Better yet, to make your cake packaging products even more special for you and your loved ones, we also provide a service where you can design your own packaging products to fit your business or occasion and we’ll print those designs on your order.

When it comes to the important moments in our lives, no amount of detail is ever too much. To inquire about placing orders or the custom design printing service, contact our sales team at